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Trouser Braces Explained

Trouser braces, also known as suspenders were always seen as an old fashioned accessory but they have become a huge trend with people of all ages now opting to wear them as a fashion statement accessory. You may not be aware that there are several different types of braces. They come in plain or novelty varieties.




Clip On Trouser Braces - These have clips attached to each end of the braces which you use to fasten them to your trousers. However, be warned, it is often the case that the cheaper the braces the weaker the clips, so it’s best to opt for more sturdy clips for better longevity.  


Button Trouser Braces - These are the original style of trouser brace which you attach to buttons on the inside at top of your trousers using the often leather button ends. This method is often more secure and less likely to become unattached.  


Combination Trouser Braces - These braces simply have both of the afore mentioned fastenings so you can choose or alternate between the two.  


X or Y Back 


X Back Trouser Braces - X back braces are crossed over across the back and have two fastenings at the front and back. 


Y Back Trouser Braces - Y back braces form a Y shape on the back so have two fastenings at the front and one at the back which can make them slightly less sturdy than the X back variety.  


Slide Adjusters  

Most braces have slide adjusters which allow you to alter the length of the braces to fit you.  

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