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How To Tie A Bow Tie

Bow Ties 


The classic bow tie is a very versatile thing with a variety of styles, fabrics, and fastenings. As well as regular bow ties you can also have slim bow ties.  Below we have outlined some of the different types of bow ties available:  


Pre-Tied Bow Ties are already formed into a bow. They are fastened around the neck using an adjustable neck strap. They are an easy to use bow tie compared to the self-tie bow tie.

Self-Tie Bow Ties come as one piece of fabric for you to tie yourself. It can take a lot of practice to perfect the process of successfully tying a self tie bow tie but anyone can learn. Why not look at our step by step How to Tie a Bow Tie Guide below.  

Crossover Bow Ties are unisex, perfect for either a man or a woman. They were originally an American trend and lot of female flight attendants for example wear these as a part of their uniform.  



Cotton Bow Ties - The majority of novelty bow ties are made from cotton because it is the easiest material to print onto.   


Polyester Bow Ties - Bow ties made from polyester are often a slightly stronger material than cotton or silk to give a perfectly formed pre-tied bow tie, they often have a satin finish which gives them a softer feel.  


Silk Bow Ties - Most fashion bow ties are made from silk, a very luxurious and soft fabric. 



A fashion bow tie is anything that is not a novelty bow tie or a single colour bow tie. They are usually made from silk and can vary in design from swirl patterns to thin stripes and can suit any occasion.  


Neck size  

To measure you neck for a bow tie simply take a clothing measuring tape and place it around your neck where your collar would be so the tape meets up where the top button hole should be, keep your finger behind the end of the measuring tape to ensure you have enough room to be comfortable.  


How to Tie a Bow Tie  


  1. Hang the bow tie around your neck with one side 4cm longer than the other.  
  2. Bring the longer side across in front of the other side.  
  3. Tuck it behind and loop around. 
  4. Tuck it through the loop you made, making sure it’s not too tight.  
  5. Then take the other side and place it horizontally in front of the knot so it looks like a bow shape. 
  6. Lay the remaining side over the front so the thin part hangs over the front in the middle.  
  7. Pull this behind onto your shoulder.  
  8. Pull it though the knot so it sits on top of the other bow. 
  9. You now have a perfectly formed bow tie.



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